Our Journey to BPSO Designation

From 2021 to 2024, SLMHC is on a three year journey for designation as a Best Practice Spotlight Organization with the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario! Stay tuned as we update this page with our workplan, progress and information about our journey.

What is a Best Practice Spotlight Organization?

Learn more by visiting the Registered Nurses’ of Ontario BPSO website.

The Best Practice Spotlight Organization® (BPSO®) designation was launched as a key knowledge translation strategy in 2003 and is targeted to support best practice guideline (BPG) implementation, rapid learning and evidence-based practice sustainability at the individual, organizational and health system levels to optimize clinical and health outcomes. BPSOs have been established across Ontario and throughout the world, in all sectors.

BPSO designation is an opportunity for health service and academic organizations to formally partner with RNAO over a three-year period to achieve designation. Following this period, the partnership is renewed biennially, based on the achievement of required deliverables. The goal is to create evidence-based practice cultures through systematic implementation and evaluation of multiple RNAO clinical BPGs. (Source: https://rnao.ca/bpg/bpso).

Best Practice Spotlight Initiatives at SLMHC

End of Life Care
  • Culturally Appropriate End of Life Nursing order set- Kaninamizitch – developed with the leaders of the Traditional Healing program. View here!
  • Re-Established Comfort Care bags to give to families when loved ones are dying.
  • Education on palliative care for Indigenous Transition Facilitator.
  • Working with Regional Palliative Care Program for standardized education for frontline staff.
Assessment and Management of Pain
  • Standardized pain assessment tool developed for across organization in every patient room. View here!
  • Added pain assessment to admission package for every patient.
  • Implemented Team Model Of Care.
  • Implemented Patient Oriented Discharge Plan (PODS) with Traditional Program Leadership informing document development.
Transitions in Care
  • Developed and trialing ER PODS.
  • Developed transfer of care sheet from ER staff to inpatient unit staff. View here!
Supporting Patients who use Substances
  • RAAM clinic developed by the Mental Health and Addictions program operating out of MHAP and Out of the Cold Shelter Building.
End of Life Care, Last Days and Hours
  • Developed End of Life Nursing order set.
  • Developing Care Plan.