COVID-19 Information

Major changes have taken place at Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre to protect staff and patients during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Click on the expandable items below to get more information.


We now have screening in place for everyone entering our facilities. This is a precautionary measure taken at all hospitals and long-term care homes across the province to limit the spread of the infection amongst a particularly vulnerable population.

Any individual, including staff and physicians, coming into the hospital or extended care facility will be greeted by screeners. Screening includes asking about symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, etc.) and having your temperature taken.

Anyone screening positive will not be permitted to enter unless seeking medical care. Information on self-monitoring and self-isolation will be available to those who are symptomatic.

William A. George Extended Care Facility: The screening station is at the main entrance.

The Hospital: The Emergency entrance, where our screening station is located, is the only entrance to the hospital at this time. All other entrances to the hospital will be locked until further notice, including the corridor to the Hostel.

If you are staying at the Hostel and require help getting to the Emergency entrance, please make arrangements through the hostel staff.

Our Services and Departments

Updated August 19, 2020 – With the changes at SLMHC during the COVID-19 pandemic, many services and departments have been impacted. We have updated each Department and Services page here on the website. If you have any questions about a specific service, upcoming appointment or process here at SLMHC, please call our main switchboard at (807) 737-3030.


Patient parking is located inside the gate across from the Emergency entrance ( which is currently our sole public-entrance to the hospital).

Please remember to pay for your parking before leaving the facility at one of our parking pay stations. Our Parking Rates are available here on our Parking information page.

The main entrance parking lot remains closed, as this is the location of the COVID-19 Assessment Centre.

Visitor Restrictions

Updated September 8, 2020

Hospital Site

  • Inpatients at the hospital may now have two visitors at a time.
  • Outpatients are allowed one visitor. (Outpatients include anyone coming in for an appointment based at SLMHC as well as those coming in for Emergency care)
    • Care Partners/escorts must be the same care partner throughout a patient’s stay.
    • Movement of the care partner/escort is restricted. At this time, partners/escorts are not permitted to visit other patients or common areas.
    • The cafeteria remains closed to the public. There are vending machines operational in the Emergency Department, ambulatory care (canoe hallway) and main entrance area.
    • Care partners/escorts/visitors are required to wear masks at all times while in the facility. Care partners/escorts/visitors will be required to bring their own mask.

William A. George Extended Care Facility

At the William A. George Extended Care Facility, general visitor restrictions remain in place. We are now able to arrange indoor and outdoor visits by appointment only. Residents may now have up to two visitors at a time, however there are processes in place, including the wearing of masks and following physical distancing measures. To arrange a visit with your loved one, call Andrea at 737-3030 ext 4577.

To find out more about visiting your loved one at ECU, including what to expect and what to bring, visit our Online Guide to Visiting your Loved One.

We are also now able to arrange off-site visits. To find out more about scheduling an off-site visit, please visit our Online Guide to Off-Site Visiting with your Loved One.

Please check this web page for updates. If you have questions, please call the unit to speak with the care team.

Masks at SLMHC

At this time, masks are mandatory for everyone at SLMHC. This includes employees, visitors, outpatients, care-partners/escorts and anyone entering the hospital or extended care site.

To conserve personal protective equipment for medical staff, we are asking the public to bring their own masks. Fabric masks are appropriate and can be purchased from many local suppliers in our region. Those who do not have a mask will be supplied one.

Video Visitation with SLMHC Patients and Residents

With visitor/escort restrictions in place at the hospital and extended care facility, we know this is difficult on families, residents and patients when you cannot see your loved one. We would like to help to minimize the anxiety for everyone by supporting a virtual face-to-face visit through video.

Please reach out at the following numbers and our staff will be pleased to assist you.

  • To connect with a resident living at William A. George Extended Care site, call (807) 737-3030 ext. 4575
  • To connect with a patient at Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre site, email State your name, phone number, desired time for a video-visitation and patient you wish to connect with. Someone will get back to you within two business days.