How do I get a Telemedicine appointment?

Telemedicine is useful for many appointments, but we may not be able to use it for all your visits. Ask your health care provider if Telemedicine is right for you. Referrals to OTN can be made by your family physician. You will then be contacted directly with your appointment date and time.

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Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre is a member of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), one of the largest virtual care networks in the world, with more than 1600 sites across the province. OTN provides access to health care for patients in every hospital and hundreds of other health care locations and partners with KO eHealth to facilitate care to 28 First Nation communities.

Telemedicine is an interactive, two-way video-conferencing technology that allows for face-to-face communication between you and your physician or other health care professional who may be hundreds of kilometres away. 

If you decide to use Telemedicine, you will have the opportunity to see, hear and speak with a health care provider and discuss your plan of care. This means you will not have to leave your community in order to speak with a specialist. You will save time and money in travel and related expenses, and won’t  be required to take time away from work to attend an out of town appointment.

In addition to clinical care, Sioux Lookout uses OTN to facilitate the delivery of distance education and administrative meetings for health care professionals and patients.

Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre is committed to improving access to quality health care. Our care is based on recognizing the relationship of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of all people.

Where is Telemedicine located?

The Telemedicine Studio at SLMHC is located in the Ambulatory Care area on the main level of the hospital.

What can I expect to happen during a Telemedicine appointment?

A Telemedicine appointment is similar to a regular visit, the only difference is that you will see and talk to the doctor through a television screen. Your appointment will take place in a private room and all information is protected by strict privacy guidelines. Your Telemedicine Coordinator has several diagnostic tools that will assist your specialist during the appointment. These include an electronic stethoscope with Bluetooth capabilities and a hand held zoom camera.