Family Council

Here in Ontario, Family Councils are highly recommended if there are family members who want to be involved. At this time, we do not have a family council, but we encourage anyone to reach out to us if they would like to see one established.

 Are you interested in being on our Family Council here at SLMHC? Contact the Extended Care Unit at (807) 737-3030 ext. 4575.

About Family Councils

Family Councils Ontario works with Family Councils in Long-Term Care Homes across Ontario. Our mission is to lead and support families in improving quality of life in Long-Term Care.

Family Councils Ontario supports Family Councils across the province by:

  • Consulting with Family Council members and staff of Long-Term Care Homes via phone and email
  • Educating Council members on issues related to Family Councils and Long-Term Care via presentations and workshops
  • Hosting education sessions throughout the year on topics of interest to Family Councils such as Licensee reporting of abuse and neglect, capacity and consent, and the policing response to abuse and neglect in Long-Term Care
  • Supporting and promoting networking between Councils from different Homes
  • Producing and disseminating resources including our Family Council Dispatch newsletter and our Family Council Handbook Your Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Family Council
  • Connecting and keeping Family Councils informed via the Family Councils Ontario website, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and Twitter feed.

Family Councils of Ontario is a registered non-profit corporation, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.