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Cancer Care

Our Services During COVID-19

We continue to provide cancer care through the outpatient program through Regional Cancer Care Northwest.

If coming to the hospital for outpatient appointments, including cancer care, please report to the registration area in the ambulatory care/canoe hallway after passing through our automated screening stations at the Ambulatory Care Entrance or the Main Entrance. Please note both the Main Entrance and Ambulatory Care Entrance is open for all outpatients and their essential care partners for weekday appointments and services.

The Emergency Entrance is open 24/7 for those coming into the Emergency Department or visiting inpatients.

Please visit our COVID-19 page to check on the most current information about visitor restrictions and other updates relating to COVID-19 here at SLMHC:

(Updated March 2022)

Living with cancer is never easy. A cancer diagnosis often affects patients and their loved ones in many different ways. To keep cancer care services closer to home and easier on patients, SLMHC offers an outpatient program through Regional Cancer Care Northwest, based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

As a satellite site, we deliver standardized, quality-based services including:

  • Systemic (intravenous, injection) and oral cancer therapies
  • Cancer treatment procedures
  • Information, education and support services for cancer patients and their families
  • Palliative care and advanced care planning
  • Assisting with access to hair wigs, hair covers, breast prosthesis and other supports

Our goal is to coordinate cancer care with local health services as a positive and meaningful experience, while delivering treatment and support closer to home for area residents.

Please speak with your doctor or healthcare provider to find out more about cancer care options here at SLMHC.