Patient Safety

Patient safety and satisfaction is a priority for us here at SLMHC.  We are continuously working to improve, with measurements and processes in place to monitor how we’re doing.

2022-2024 Patient Safety Plan

SLMHC has a 2022-2024 Patient Safety Plan, where five key patient safety areas have been identified as opportunities for improvement:

Patient Information at Care Transitions


  • Improve communication of patient information during care transitions, including but not limited to acting out behaviors (AOB) and isolation status.

Hand Hygiene Compliance:


  • Continued hand hygiene audits, based on Public Health Ontario (PHO) guidelines.
  • Positive reinforcement of practicing hand hygiene as per Public Health Ontario (PHO) guidelines.

Medication Errors:


  • Increased awareness, knowledge and dedicated practice of Institute of Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) Canada guidelines

Patient Safety Incident Management


  • Improved communications with staff after a safety event report has been submitted.
  • Improved information sharing regarding changes put into place as a result of safety event reporting.

Falls Prevention & Injury Reduction


  • Overall fall reduction, with dedicated focus on reducing falls resulting in patient harm.
  • Ensure falls prevention tools are consistently, appropriately and safely in place.

Stay tuned for updates as we move forward with our Plan. If you have recommendations, feedback or concerns about Patient Safety or any experience here at SLMHC, please visit our Patient Feedback page.