Patient Safety

Patient safety and satisfaction is a priority for us here at SLMHC.  We are continuously working to improve, with measurements and processes in place to monitor how we’re doing.

2020-2022 Patient Safety Plan

SLMHC has a 2020-2022 Patient Safety Plan, where six key patient safety areas have been identified as need improvement:

Hand Hygiene Compliance


  • Decrease Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs)
  • Consistent audits completed monthly
  • Maintain regular reporting to improve knowledge of current state

Medication Reconciliation


  • Improve patient discharge communications to home communities
  • Develop Med-Rec education for staff and physicians

Patient Safety Education & Training


  • Provide education to staff, physicians and community members
  • Regular newsletter and external website submissions with quality and safety focused topics for learning

Falls Reduction & Injury Prevention


  • Minimize occurrence of and injuries from falls in all hospital areas
  • Make improvements to fall event reporting process

Pressure Injury Prevention


  • Create “pro-active” vs. “re-active” culture – pressure injury PREVENTION initiatives
  • Develop pressure injury prevention education for staff and physicians

Patient Safety Incident Management


  • Improve event reporting culture and decrease fear with event reporting
  • Remove “punitive” culture from event reporting and follow up
  • Develop “event” vs. “incident” language
  • Support SAFE-T huddles while working toward HRO (High-Reliability Organization)

Stay tuned for updates as we move forward with our Plan. If you have recommendations, feedback or concerns about Patient Safety or any experience here at SLMHC, please visit our Patient Feedback page.