Accessibility Plan 2020-2025

Summary of the Objectives

The following is a summary of the objectives as recommended by the Accessibility Committee and endorsed by the appropriate departments at Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre (SLMHC).

Some of the key areas of focus are as follows:

Employment includes building community partnerships, targeted recruitment and job accommodation including emergency plans for staff with disabilities.

Information and Communication focusing on accessible pdf documents, maximizing plain language in all communication materials, clear accessibility and editorial guidelines for communication materials, and inclusion of persons with disabilities in SLMHC’s educational and promotional videos/materials.

Customer Service Training with a focus on the AODA Regulations, professional development / targeted training and education opportunities.

Physical Environment taking into consideration accessibility related designs, procurement of goods, accessible washrooms, parking and sidewalks upgrades and wayfinding.

Each objective identified in the five-year work plan has specific project targets, timelines and identification of the departments responsible to meet those targets.

Overview of Plan

SLMHC Mission, Vision, and Values

The SLMHC Mission

Caring for people, Embracing Diversity, Respecting Different Pathways to Health

The SLMHC Vision

We will be a Centre of Excellence in First Nations and northern health care by working together to improve the health status of individuals, families and communities now and for generations to come.

The SLMHC Values

We value compassion, respect, quality and teamwork.

Why Accessible Health Care is Important

With one (1) in seven (7) individual living with a disability, it is important that our services, products and environment are accessible. Using the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA 2005) as our main tool, SLMHC is not only committing resources to meet the regulation, but is always looking for ways to meet excellence every time. In doing so, we want to ensure that our patients or residents with disabilities are discharged, or returned home, with confidence that  they received the best of services and accommodation from the SLMHC.

Communication of the Plan

As required by law, the plan is available on both the internal and external SLMHC websites. Members of the community, staff and volunteers are provided with a glimpse of what is happening within SLMHC with regards to accessibility. This plan is a living document, and will be updated on a regular basis.

Barrier Identification Methodologies

One of the most efficient ways for SLMHC to become aware of the presence of barriers is through the eyes of staff, volunteers, patients, and residents. As they make their way around SLMHC, they become aware of barriers through personal observations and experiences. Therefore, upon receipt of these concerns, the staff at SLMHC is able to either address them if the issue is within their control, or refer them to the appropriate department by creating a RiskPro incident report.

Secondly, the Quality and Safety Department and Patient Experience Department share patient feedback with the Accessibility Committee. These offices are often made aware of the presence of barriers as patients, residents, family members, or the general public will contact them to express their concern(s). While most of the concerns are shared by phone, they may also be shared by email, letter, in person, or through an interpreter/Wiichi’iwewin worker. The concerns are then triaged to the appropriate person or department depending on the nature of the concern(s) in order to address the issue.

Continuous accessibility audits are another mechanism that will be employed by SLMHC. It is through community partnerships that SLMHC will engage with the community to understand their needs and expectations and be able to collect their feedback. Any feedback or recommendations will be used by SLMHC for planning and prioritizing projects to increase accessibility throughout our facilities.

Review and Monitoring of Plan

In order to ensure that the plan is closely monitored and measured against its deliverables, a quarterly and annual report is provided at the regular meetings of the Accessibility Committee. Committee members will then have an opportunity to request additional information if needed, and provide comments and suggestions.

Five-Year Accessibility Plan (2020-2025)

ALC Grouping

Key DeliverablesActivitiesDept. ResponsibleTimelineDeadline
Ensure barriers are removed so that activities of daily living are delivered to residents in our care in a way that promotes independence and a sense of normalcy.Continuously identify and move inpatients to ALC end who would benefit from the co-hort.
Create wayfinding signage.
Promote consistent staffing model.
Promote congregate dining.
LTC AdministratorImmediately and ongoing as planning unfolds.Ongoing

New Provincial Health Care Accessibility Standards

Key DeliverablesActivitiesDept. ResponsibleTimelineDeadline
Participate in Health Care Standard Development Committee as required by the Minister’s Office.Attend meetings as scheduled.
Promote standards development with hospital lens.
Accessibility Chair OngoingOngoing
Share updates to senior team as appropriate and/or when requested.Add items to Director update meetings as they occur.Accessibility ChairOngoingEvery Monday
Prepare SLMHC for implementation of new standards.Revise and create policies as per Ministry’s directives.Accessibility ChairOnce approved and made law by Ministry of Health.Pending approval.


Key DeliverablesActivitiesDept. ResponsibleTimelineDeadline
SLMHC will align current strategic objectives with elements of the Accessibility Plan.Strategic Plan ReviewSenior TeamEvery five years2023
Community Partners – Develop partnerships with community organizations that support persons with disabilities in job searches:
Community Living
Seven Generations
Confederation College
Lakehead University
Sioux North High School
Facilitate learners from 2 high schools through co-op placement.

Engage with Community Living Lead to discuss employment/volunteer opportunities at SLMHC

Re-establish connections with Seven Generations, Lakehead and Confederation College.

Continue work with PSW program support for Confederation College.
Manager, HROngoingOctober 30/2021 and annually
Recruitment – increase knowledge of leaders regarding the hiring of persons with disabilitiesLDI Education SessionManager, HRImmediate and ongoingDecember 2021
Employment – encourage staff with disabilities to request accommodation when needed.Policy update
Yearly reviews
Occupational HealthImmediate and ongoingOngoing

Emergency Plan

Key DeliverablesActivitiesDept. ResponsibleTimelineDeadline
Review SLMHC Corporate Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and ensure all ERP information is available in accessible format.Review planAccessibility Committee and CommunicationsQ4 2020/2021September 2021
Employees requiring an Emergency Accessibility Plan for evacuation will have one.Promote the use of emergency plans focusing on new hire, return-to-work, and re-deployments within the organization.Occupational health /HRQ42020/2021September 2021

Staff Health/HR

Key DeliverablesActivitiesDept. ResponsibleTimelineDeadline
Review and track total number of Emergency Accessibility Response Plans.Create file that would be forwarded to Command table in event of Code Green

Consider addition to QIP
Occupational Health/ HR
Accessibility Committee

Within 5 Year plan
Sept. 2021


Information and Communication

Key DeliverablesActivitiesDept. ResponsibleTimelineDeadline
Standardized layouts and requirements of various PDF documents intended for the public website and distributionA guide and process for sharing content on the public website which meets AODA guidelines.A guide and process for sharing content on the public website which meets AODA guidelines.
– Will in include a step-by-step guide outline on how to create and distribute PDFs to meet accessibility guidelines. To be shared with all SLMHC staff and available on the Intranet as a tool.
Approval by Accessibility Committee
Present draft “guide” to group by March 2022
Review changes and finalize by April 2022
April 2022
PDFs which are fully accessible and meet AODA guidelinesReview and approve each PDF document publicly shared on the website to ensure it meets/exceeds accessibility guidelines
Review and approve each PDF sent digitally to any internal or external audiences
CommunicationsOngoingDecember 2021
Develop an Accessibly Guide for all staff to refer to when creating communications materials, including but not limited to PDFs, brochures, website content and posters.Will include step-by-step PDF guide
Will provide guidance to ensure all printed and digital material for public use should accommodate the CNIB Clear Print Guideline while respecting SLMHC’s branding. This is an ongoing responsibility under the Communications Department as well as each department manager.
Accessibility Guide will be shared with all SLMHC staff and available on Intranet as a tool.
Approval by Accessibility Committee
PDF Guide ready and distributed by April 2022
Accessibility Guide to be drafted afterward and reviewed/finalized in May 2022
June 1 2022
Editorial Guide for all staff to refer to when creating communications materials, which will cover the preferred use of plain language and best practices for communicating to a broad audience while meeting/exceeding accessibility guidelinesDevelop guideCommunicationsReview draft Editorial Guide with CEO in Spring 2021. Finalize and distribute summer 2021.In progress
Ensure graphic selections in all communications materials are made with consideration to communicating to a broad audience while meeting/exceeding accessibility guidelinesCreate processCommunicationsOngoingJune 2022
Ensure new website has up-to-date wayfinding map in place, in a printable and accessible manner for the online audience.Create map in single-page easy-to-read formatCommunicationsIn ProgressMay 2021

Visibility of Persons with Disabilities

Key DeliverablesActivitiesDept. ResponsibleTimelineDeadline
Increase presence of PWD on the Accessibility CommitteeEngage Community Partners to seek out PWD who want to participateAccessibility CommitteeImmediatelyOngoing

Customer Service Training

Key DeliverablesActivitiesDept. ResponsibleTimelineDeadline
AODA Training
• As per Section seven (7) of the AODA Regulations, SLMHC is obligated to provide Customer Service training to all staff and volunteers.
• New employees must complete the online training prior to their first day at work. Volunteers complete training prior to being assigned to a department.
• Training to be completed yearly
Education DepartmentAnnuallyOctober 31Q1Y
Education Department/HR
• Professional development training for Chair (mandatory) and Accessibility Committee Members (encouraged) who then can provide accessibility related training to management team
• Chair to seek out and complete appropriate training, inform members who may be interested
• Seek training material and deliver the training that is relevant to staff in a management position.
• Possible LDI topic
Chair of Accessibility CommitteeYearlySeptember 2021

Physical Environment

Key DeliverablesActivitiesDept. ResponsibleTimelineDeadline
SLMHC will develop a new process to identify physical/architectural barriers for persons with disabilities when alterations or additions to the built environment of the hospital are proposed or purchases of structures and furniture for public spaces or meeting areas.Develop Policy
Acquire approved accessibility audit tool
Accessibility CommitteeTimeline: Immediately/OngoingQ1 2021
Planning is done with accessibility expertsInclude in policy
• Evaluate opportunity to bring in accessibility experts into the design process for feedback on improving identified areas where there are physical or architectural barriers for persons with disabilities.
Accessibility CommitteeTimeline: ImmediatelyQ1 2021
Accessible Washrooms
• Identification of accessible washrooms on all signage throughout facilities.
• Evaluate opportunity to bring in accessibility experts into the design process for feedback on improving our accessibility in our washrooms, including adult changing station(s) and other identified areas where there are physical or architectural barriers for persons with disabilities.Accessibility CommitteeWithin this five-year Plan2025
Parking / Sidewalk
• Review accessibility features of sidewalks, parking and exterior of facilities. Will involve annual and ongoing repairs and restoration.
Walk about to assess featuresFacilities Service Manager, Chair of Accessibility CommitteeTimeline: AnnuallySeptember 30
• Look at adding motion access doors to more departments.
• Ensuring that motion access doors stay open long enough to allow for easy access for persons with disabilities
• Evaluate opportunity to add more motion sensor doors
Security & Enterprise Risk ManagerTimeline: AnnuallyDecember 31
• Ensure signage is easy to read/interpret, up-to-date and is taking accessibility into consideration
Communication Manager and Patient Experience Director annually review and walkthrough hospital/extended care to update signage with accessibility lens
Update as needed.
Communications ManagerImmediately, with goal to see all current signage updated by end of 2021, updated/reviewed annually thereafter.December 31