SLMHC parking access.


The main entrance parking lot is available to clients and their care partner who are arriving for outpatient appointments only. This includes lab work and those coming in for an appointment with any of our services at the hospital. It is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Patient parking is available across from our Emergency entrance. The entrance is available 24/7 for all individuals accessing Emergency Services as well as all inpatient visitors. If you are staying at the Hostel and require help getting to the Emergency entrance, please make arrangements through the hostel staff.

Our Ambulatory Care entrance is open for weekday appointments and services.

How to Use Our Parking System

Entering: Drive up to the parking gate and pull a ticket from the dispenser.  The arm will rise and you can drive in and park. Bring your ticket with you when you leave your vehicle.  

Exiting: When leaving the hospital, go to the nearest self-serve payment kiosk (located near hospital entrances) and pay for your parking time using credit card, debit or cash. The system will issue you an exit parking pass that you will scan at the gate upon exit.

Please ensure that the payment is made upon exiting the hospital. The system will allow you 15 minutes to pay at the kiosk, walk to your car, and exit before it will require additional payment.

Daily Rates
First 1/2 hour$1.25
Second 1/2 hour$1.25
Third 1/2 hour$1.25
Each 1/2 hour thereafter$0.50
Lost Ticket$5.75
Daily Max$5.75
Discounted Passes
5 Day Pass$17.50
10 Day Pass$29.00
30 Day Pass$35.00

Frequently Asked Questions about Parking

When did gated, paid parking come into effect at SLMHC?

Gated parking came into effect on December 1, 2017.

Do SLMHC staff and physicians have to pay for parking?

Yes, all management, staff and physicians will be required to pay for access to hospital parking lots and will be offered the option to purchase a monthly parking pass.

What about patients and visitors that come to the hospital frequently? Do they have to pay the daily rate each time?

Patients, visitors or anyone frequently coming to the hospital is able to purchase discounted passes at our discounted pass rates listed above.

What if I require urgent care and coming to the hospital to the Emergency Department? Do I have to go through the ticket gate barrier?

No. Patients and emergency vehicles will not have to travel through parking barriers to get to our ER Department entrance during an emergency.

What if I just want to drop someone or something off at the hospital? Do I have to pay to do this?

The system allows access for drop off and pick-ups through the gates for a limited amount of time before payment is required. In addition, access to our Main Entrance for drop off and pick-up, while remaining in your vehicle, will remain accessible.

Are there special parking spots designated for accessibility?

Yes. Our lots have specifically marked spaces for people with disability and accessibility needs who have an official Accessible Parking Permit displayed on the dash of their vehicle. These spots are located nearest to all entrances at SLMHC.

How does gated parking actually work? What do I do when I get to the hospital?

Any visitor or patient wishing to use the parking lots at the hospital will drive up to the parking barrier gate on Meno Ya Win Way and pull a ticket from the barrier gate. The arm will rise and allow access to enter into the parking lot. You can then access the appropriate parking for patients and visitors.

Please take your parking entry ticket with you into the hospital. At the end of your visit, take the entry ticket and proceed to the nearest self-serve payment kiosk to pay for your parking transaction using credit card, debit or cash. The system will then issue you an exit parking pass that you will scan at the parking gate upon exit to raise the gate when you leave.

Please ensure that the payment is made upon exiting the hospital. The system will allow you 15 minutes to pay at the kiosk, walk to your car, and exit before it will re-set requiring additional payment.

Where are the parking pay stations located?

There are three locations for payment at SLMHC:

  • Emergency Department
  • Main Entrance
  • Ambulatory Care Entrance

You will be charged the full daily, flat rate fee of $5.00.

If the gate does not open or you are having problems exiting, you will be able to speak to Security staff by pressing a call button at both the entrance and exit gates.

Why did SLMHC put in gated paid parking at the hospital?

Back in 2017, SLMHC was one of a handful of hospitals in Ontario with free parking and the continuing rising costs to maintain the parking lots was putting a considerable strain on funding that is intended for direct patient care and health care services. In keeping with our vision, SLMHC is continually working to provide quality care and improve the health status of individuals, families and communities.

The revenue generated from parking fees is used to offset parking lot expenses such as asphalt renewal/repair, snow clearing, sanding, salt, line painting and general repairs. The rates charged at SLMHC are similar or lower than other hospitals in our region and are designed to cover parking lot costs while still being affordable to patients, visitors and staff.

Doesn’t the government finance hospitals?

Our funders provide approximately 80% of the Health Centre’s total revenue. The balance of the revenue is the responsibility of the hospital to generate. In principle, this does not cover the maintenance and upkeep of parking lots and it is up to the hospital to generate enough funds to do so. Parking lot maintenance is year-round and, as the lot ages, the costs continue to rise, and at times can be unpredictable. While costs vary from year to year, parking lot upkeep and maintenance can place a financial burden on the organization if funds are not available.

Were patients and community members consulted on the implementation of paid parking?

Yes. The hospital has various committees that include patient, family and/or community volunteers. These committees were consulted and kept apprised of the initiative throughout the process.

What about on-call staff and on-call physicians? Are they required to access the hospital through the barrier gates?

All on‐call staff and on-call physicians will be able to immediately access parking areas specifically designated for on-call located at the Emergency Department entrance and will not have to travel through the parking barriers.