Accountability and Reporting

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports are available online. Please click to view/download a Report. 

Financial Reporting

Travel Expenses and Expense Statements

Our Travel Expense Policy outlines that Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre will reimburse staff for reasonable and actual expenses incurred while on hospital business. The intent of this policy is for all staff to follow the following procedures and guidelines when applying for their travel expenses:

Guiding Principles:

  • Reimbursable expenses should support program objectives of the hospital.
  • Expenses should be reimbursed providing they are supported with original receipts and/or documentation.
  • Expense reports that do not comply with policies and procedures may be returned to the staff member and not processed until corrected.
  • Expense reports should be submitted in a timely manner.
  • Any expenses submitted past the accepted timeframe may not be reimbursed and an explanation indicating reasons for the delay in submission should accompany the request for reimbursement.
  • Staff should aim to make the most practical, economical and reasonable arrangements for travel, meals, hospitality, personal, and corporate expenses.
  • Staff expenses should be approved by the appropriate supervisor.
  • No individual should approve his or her own expenses, or that of a subordinate that has paid for travel, meal, etc., expensed to the supervisor’s benefit.
  • The person approving the expense report is responsible to ensure all claims are correct, reasonable and in accordance with the expense policy.

Non-Union/Executive Benefits Package

Mandatory Benefits Include

Pension Plan, employer matches employee contribution (126%)

Disability Insurance Plan (75% employer/25% employee)

Group Life Insurance Plan (100% employer)

Voluntary Benefits (Green Shield of Canada)

Dental Plan
75% employer/25% employee, payment of premiums

Extended Health Care Plan
75% employer/25% employee, payment of premiums

Semi-Private Plan
100% employer payment premiums

Other Benefits (CEO and Vice Presidents)

Car Allowance

Other Benefits (Vice Presidents Only)

Personal & Professional Development

  • One Annual Professional Membership Fee
  • Two Workshops/Conferences Per Year

Notice of Termination: Three months by employee

  • For Cause – statutory two week payout but no notice by employer
  • Without Cause – three month pay in lieu of notice during probation, which increases to twelve months notice or pay in lieu of notice upon successful completion of probation for balance of first year, then two additional months per year to cap of twenty-four months notice or pay in lieu of notice

Perquisites Rules

Other Reports/Plans

The Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan is written in accordance with sections six and seven of the Green Energy Act, 2009, O. Reg. 397/11.