assault care counsellor and client

Assault Care and Treatment

Program Philosophy

Our Services During COVID-19

These services are still available and if you have questions or require assistance, please call (807) 737-6565.

(Updated August 19, 2020)

The Assault Care and Treatment (ACT) program promotes a partnership of community services working together to assist individuals who have recently been sexually assaulted or have experienced intimate partner violence. The ACT program provides nursing care, treatment and information about options and resources.

Patients are believed and provided with unconditional, non-judgmental support.

Program Goals

We empower patients and clients by:

  • providing a safe place to be heard
  • providing information and options
  • providing non-judgmental care and treatment
  • advocating for the rights and safety of the patient
  • promoting healthy attitudes about gender roles and healthy relationships

Care & Treatment Options

Nurses are available to explain your care and treatment options:

  • forensic evidence collection
  • treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • emergency contraceptive pill if within 72 hours of the assault
  • HIV prophylaxis, if within 72 hours of the assault, and HIV testing
  • arranging referrals to counselling services and community agencies
  • documentation of injuries
  • anonymous third party report forms

A private examination room is located in the Emergency Department.

Office Phone & Confidential Voice Mail
: (807) 737-6565
Fax: (807) 737-7898