Patient and Visitor Guide

Welcome to Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre.  If you’re staying here or coming to visit a loved-one, you’re probably curious about the facilities and what we have to offer.

SLMHC has 60-beds in semi-private and private rooms.  All of our patient rooms have a window, which was an integral feature when designing our new hospital. Every room has a bathroom.  Each room is temperate controlled. If you are cold or too warm, please speak to a staff member for assistance.

How can I contact a patient?

Patients can be reached by calling (807) 737-3030 and asking to speak to the patient. This call will be directed to the patient’s room or the Nursing desk.

Patient Intake- Your Stay at SLMHC

Your Admission
When you enter our doors, admission staff will take your information and provide you with an identification wristband. Please wear your identification wristband to ensure all staff involved in your care know who you are.

Your Room
SLMHC has various types of rooms: Ward Rooms, Semi-private, and Private. Once admitted, you will receive instructions on all amenities found in your room. We ask that you don’t keep valuables in your room. SLMHC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Your medical needs, and those of other patients, are a priority in determining what type of room you may be placed in.

Health Centre Equipment
SLMHC can provide you with assistive equipment, such as wheelchairs, IV poles, and pumps. We ask that they don’t be taken outside of the building.

Your Health Care Team
Your doctor creates your treatment plan, monitors your progress during rounds, changes your plan when needed, and determines when you go home. The nursing team follows your doctor’s treatment plan, providing medications and monitoring vital signs. Your nurse is your main contact, and they can provide answers regarding care and your stay at SLMHC.

Staff Identification
All staff must wear an SLMHC ID badge, which features their photo, name, and their department. If you are unsure about any person who is in your room, you can always ask to see ID. All staff are required to introduce theselves, and their role, when caring for you.

Students training at SLMHC
SLMHC is a teaching hospital for allied health profession students. Students are always closely supervised by trained and certified health care professionals. If you have any concerns about having students involved with your care, talk with your doctor or nurse.

Patient Rights
When you are a patient you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity in a safe and comfortable environment. Your health care team will work with you to personalize your care plan to help you move through the system in a coordinated way. Most patients and families welcome and understand policies that promote safety, quality and infection control. Here at SLMHC, we are happy to share our Statement of Patient/Clients’ and Health Care Providers’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

Please explore our website and see our Patient and Visitors pages to get information on parking, cafeteria hours, our smoke-free environment, security and other patient information. If at any point you have questions about any of our services or amenities, please speak to any of our staff or your health care provider.

Wi-Fi and Internet Access at SLMHC

There is free wi-fi available throughout SLMHC. On your phone/device, look for SLMHC-Hotspot and accept the terms and conditions for use by tapping the green “continue to the Internet” button at the bottom of the page. 

TV and Phone Services for Patients

To reach a patient, please call our main switchboard at (807) 737-3030 and someone will be happy to assist you. For patients wishing to make a call, please speak to your healthcare provider for access to a phone or for assistance at any time.

There is a TV in each patient’s room. If you require assistance at any time, please ask a staff member. TV and telephone access are free of charge to all patients.

Communicating with your Healthcare Provider

Patient safety and health is a top priority. We need to know if there are any changes in your condition. Please speak with your doctor, nurse or a staff member if there are any changes in your condition or if you have questions about your health care.

Each bed has a call button to notify staff if you require immediate assistance.

Patient Discharge

Your doctor and health care team will keep you notified about discharge and help you arrange for transportation home or answer any questions.

Our Patient Guide is available in hard-copy for all of our inpatients.