traditional program- drumming

Andaaw’iwewin egkwa Mashkiki

Traditional Healing and Traditional Medicines

Choice in Healing Pathways

There is more than one pathway to health. Respecting different pathways to health is one of SLMHC’s Mission statements.  Patients, clients, and residents and their caregivers are able to choose to access the services available through the THMFS program as an adjunct or alternative to other conventional clinical services and supports.

Within our name, Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre, menoyawin is an Anishinaabe word that means health, wellness and well-being – a wholeness of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. The medicine wheel is based in part on incorporating these aspects of our being into all healing processes.

The THMFS program adds key programming that brings into play Andaaw’iwewin (healing approaches and practices based on this wholeness) and not just Kiigewin (the healing of a wound or injury, or care-giving in this physical sense of healing).

Ceremonial Practices

The THMFS program incorporates principles, approaches, and practices based on traditional ceremonies and teachings, and is respectful of the sense of community and family that underpin Anishinaabe societies. Many of the healing practices are ceremonial in nature and lead to spiritual and emotional well-being. Vigils, smudging, healing circles, and other ceremonies are welcome in the Ceremonial Room.

Our Sweat Lodge is open and available to use upon request. Speak to one of our Interpreters or contact the Traditional Program at (807) 737-3030 ext. 5687 for more information about using this service.

The Chief Sakatcheway Andaaw’iwewigamik Ceremonial Room in SLMHC was designed based on traditional requirements, with an open pit and seating arranged in a circular manner. Although it is available for use by other organizations, the use of the room is based on its protocols and priority is always the patient.

Traditional Practitioners

Traditional healing practices are supported by healers that have several skills and varied training.  Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre has developed a roster of traditional practitioners who are available to the patients and clients wishing to access their services.

Traditional Practitioners must provide documentation as does any SLMHC employee, and must abide by the Traditional Practitioner Code of Conduct. A process of “certifying” Traditional Practitioners will be administered by the Traditional Practitioners Committee.

Traditional Practitioners will work collaboratively with members of medical staff, other professionals and healthcare givers, as well as in conjunction with northern community, Sioux Lookout and other Northern Ontario healers.