SLMHC welcomes new pediatric pain protocol in Emergency Department

Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre is pleased to announce the approval of a new protocol designed to enhance the care of pediatric patients, in the Emergency Department, experiencing pain. This initiative, adapted from reputable institutions like SickKids, The Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg, and Lion’s Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, aims to provide safe, quick, and effective pain management options.

The pediatric pain protocol includes advanced technologies that utilize vibration and the “gate control” of pain, which helps to distract the nervous system during needle procedures. Additionally, the protocol offers various distraction tools, topical anesthetics (pain relievers), and inhaled medications (intranasal) for both pain relief and relaxation.

While not every child may be a suitable candidate for every method, the introduction of these options ensures that more effective pain management solutions are available. Although transforming the Emergency Department into an enjoyable place for children is challenging, the goal is to make it a little less intimidating and more tolerable for the children in our community and surrounding areas.

This initiative underscores our commitment to improving pediatric care and ensuring a compassionate, child-friendly environment in our Emergency Department. These strategies may also be used on adults as well.

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