Highlighting our Team: Andrea McWatters

Andrea McWatters has been part of the SLMHC health care team for ten years.

Andrea McWatters has been part of the SLMHC health care team for ten years. Andrea is currently the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) Coordinator and Team Lead at our William “A” George Extended Care Facility (ECU), and she says providing care at the ECU is a gratifying experience.

“It’s really rewarding… the staff here are amazing. We work with a really close team that is here for all the right reasons. They are all kind and compassionate,” says Andrea.

The ECU is a 20-bed long-term care facility operated by SLMHC. Andrea says staff at ECU have developed great relationships with residents and their families as they work together to coordinate care and visitations.

“What’s nice here is we work in the residents’ home; they don’t live in our workplace. We adjust to their routines, so they don’t follow ours. We have a really good rapport with all of their families and them. For some of our residents, we actually become their families, especially with COVID-19 and families not being able to come. It was quite a unique situation, and a lot of us share a really special bond,” Andrea explains.

Throughout her tenure, Andrea says SLMHC has helped her grow her career and achieve education goals. She says she’s thankful for the support she’s received and the unique experiences she’s had.

“SLMHC has been really supportive in a lot of my endeavors and education experience. There’s quite a few things I’ve done in my ten years here that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do elsewhere. They’ve always encouraged, supported, and accommodated so it’s been pretty amazing,” Andrea concludes.

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