Vaccination Policy for Staff/Physicians/Contractors

The Chief Medical Officer of Health issued Directive #6, which has mandated that high-risk settings, such as hospitals, must have COVID-19 vaccination policies in place by September 7, 2021.  

As such, all SLMHC staff, physicians, volunteers, students on educational placement, and contractors (agency employees, consultants and anyone on contract to provide services in SLMHC’s facilities) will be required to complete a COVID-19 Vaccination Declaration form.

  • This form will ask for proof of the COVID-19 vaccine administration (issued by the province of Ontario or local health unit).
  • For staff/physicians/volunteers/students/contractors who decline due to medical reasons, proof from a physician or nurse practitioner is required. For these individuals who decline due to personal reasons, they will be required to have a rapid COVID-19 test at minimum of every seven (7) days and provide verification of a negative test result. They will also be required to participate in an educational session about COVID-19 vaccinations to assist them in making an educated decision.  
  • Contractors/vendors coming on site must provide proof of immunization or a negative COVID-19 test performed within the last 72 hours of arrival.

Patients and visitors are not impacted by this new policy, which is in place to add another level of protection to ensure our hospital is safe for everyone.

We remind everyone entering our facilities to wear a face mask, use our hand hygiene stations and maintain social distancing.