Highlighting our Team: Housekeeping

Lydia Harms, Housekeeper, has been part of the SLMHC team for nearly 20 years.

Lydia Harms, Housekeeper, works in Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre’s (SLMHC) Housekeeping Department.

Lydia is part of an attentive, and dedicated, team that ensures patient rooms and facilities are kept clean, tidy, and stocked with essential supplies.

“We make sure the floors are clean, and we make sure the patients have bathroom supplies like soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. We clean their sinks, their tables, and make sure their garbage’s get emptied too. We really try to tidy up the room, and it makes a difference for the patient,” Harms explains. “With the care that the nurses give, with medications, and if I go and clean the room, it feels like the patient has been looked after holistically.”

Lydia has been at SLMHC for nearly 20 years. She says she enjoys being part of the SLMHC team, where she has the opportunity to make positive impacts while patients require care at the facility.

“It’s been a great place to work. The people are very friendly… I’ve also had patients remember me outside of work, and not just in the hospital. They see you on the street or in the grocery store, and it’s really nice to know you’ve made a positive impact for them,” says Harms. “The teamwork here is awesome. There’s a good overlapping of shifts, so you’re never alone and you always have help if you need it. I really enjoy it.”

SLMHC is looking for people to join Lydia and the Housekeeping team. Visit www.slmhc.on.ca/careers to explore our opportunities and apply today!