Highlighting our Team: Human Resources

Jenna Wisnoski (left) and Jade Beaulne, Human Resources Officers, work in SLMHC’s Human Resources Department.

Jenna Wisnoski and Jade Beaulne, Human Resources Officers, work in Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre’s (SLMHC) Human Resources Department.

Jenna and Jade actively recruit, looking for skilled candidates to join our talented team here at SLMHC. They ensure new recruits have everything they need to have a successful start at SLMHC, from providing information about the organization to helping recruits from all over Canada smoothly relocate to Sioux Lookout.

“As the first points of contact for our new staff, it’s really important that we are a resource for them and that we are there for any questions they may have,” says Jade.

“We’re the first point of contact in the organization for all new employees starting here, so it’s nice to get an opportunity to know our new recruits and find out what their goals are as they take steps forward in their careers,” says Jenna.

Jade has been working at SLMHC for nine years, with over three of those being in Human Resources, and Jenna has been at SLMHC for four months. Seeing recruits fall in love with Sioux Lookout, and choosing to be part of the SLMHC team long-term, is something they both agree is rewarding to watch.

“When there’s people that end up being long-term employees, it’s really rewarding in the end because a big part of our job is staff retention. It can be hard given how far north we are, but when people start falling in love with the outdoors, and lay their roots here, it’s really rewarding in the end,” says Jade.

“I think it’s a testament to the beauty of our area, and to our organization, when people fall in love with being in Sioux Lookout and decide to stay here long-term. It’s definitely rewarding to see,” says Jenna.

Jade and Jenna are looking to add to our talented team at SLMHC! Visit www.slmhc.on.ca/careers to explore our opportunities, or you can contact Jade and Jenna at careers@slmhc.on.ca.