Messages of Kindness here at SLMHC

Last week, staff and doctors at Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre (SLMHC) could be spotted wearing colourful bracelets featuring the message Be Kind. The message is simple, but the gesture behind these bracelets brought joy to so many frontline and behind-the-scenes workers here at SLMHC. This joy was all thanks to three children: Sarvin (age 8), Navin (age 5) and Saaviya (age 3) Panu-Metsaranta.

“We wanted to make these bracelets to share our message and help all the people at the hospital, where our Mommy is a doctor, to get a special message. We hope that the bracelets make them happy and help them in their fight against Coronavirus,” said the three children of Dr. Neety Panu. “We are excited for all the people to get the bracelets and hopefully put a smile on their face and make their day better.”

Dr. Panu explained that their school (Kanata Academy) started a Kindness Initiative where many individuals donated to fund projects to help raise awareness of the important of kindness and what it can do to change people’s lives. 

“A small gesture can go a long way, and can help all of us take a moment to consider the smallest things can make the biggest differences,” said Dr. Panu.

The smallest thing did make a difference, as many here at SLMHC, including doctors and technologists, said:

“Thank you Sarvin, Navin and Saaviya! Thank you for thinking of us. Brightened my day!

“Amazing! Thank you for thinking of us! Makes us smile!”

“Thanks Kids! You rock! We are wearing these for life!”

Here are some pictures of the artists at work, and the staff at SLMHC wearing the finished products. Miigwetch/thank you to Sarvin, Navin and Saaviya!