Thanks for the fish! / Miigwech egii aashamshiyaang giigoons!

Fish donated to the Miichim program

SIOUX LOOKOUT, ON—August 7, 2018—Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre (SLMHC) would like to acknowledge the generous donation of fish made to our Traditional Healing, Medicines, Foods and Supports Program (THMFS) by the 2018 Sioux Lookout Walleye Weekend and the 2018 Ear Falls Lac Seul Walleye Cup. Special thanks go to the volunteers in Sioux Lookout and to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 238, for their excellent job filleting the fish donations.

THMFS offers a choice in different healing paths for our patients and is built on a strong foundation of culturally-responsive values and practices. The Miichim component of the program provides traditional food (Miichim) once a week to SLMHC patients, an important part of the daily lives of many Anishnawbe people and an important link between health, culture and identity. These traditional foods foster a familiar environment, provide comfort and, in turn, promote healing during a patient’s stay at the hospital. Ensuring culturally safe care for our patients is extremely important to us.

All traditional “uninspected” food is donated to the Miichim program by local hunters, gatherers and outfitters. These donations include such foods as moose, caribou, small game, whitefish or walleye, geese, ducks, or other waterfowl, local blueberries, and wild rice. 

THMFS is always looking for donations. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact us for more information at 807-737-6561.  Miigwech/Thank You.