SLMHC awarded Accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada

SIOUX LOOKOUT, ON — Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre (SLMHC) has been awarded Accreditation with Exemplary Standing, Accreditation Canada’s highest standing.

SLMHC undergoes the accreditation process every four years. The process helps the organization to measure services against standards of excellence to identify what is successful and what needs to be improved.

Surveyors from Accreditation Canada were on site at SLMHC from October 15 – 19, 2017 to observe interactions between staff, patients, and families and acquire feedback. The process assists SLMHC in understanding how to make better use of resources, increase efficiency, and enhance quality and safety.

The assessment involved every member of SLMHC, from the board of directors to frontline staff as well as patients, families, and community partners.

The surveyors evaluated SLMHC on 2393 particular criteria of which 100% were completely met.

The remarkably positive Accreditation Report highlights the high quality of work that is being completed by SLMHC staff and warrants celebration of the organization’s exceptional accomplishments.

The report acknowledges the efficacy of SLMHC’s Board of Directors and highlights the Board’s commitment to active community engagement, networking and collaborative opportunities and diligently lobbying provincial and federal governments for much needed long-term care beds and mental wellness resources. The recent revisiting and update (November 16, 2016) of SLMHC’s Mission, Vision, and Values was also credited to the Board, noting that it speaks to the Board’s commitment to the best services possible, delivered in a culturally safe and inclusive manner.

SLMHC’s Senior Leadership Team was hailed for having Client and family centered care as the foundation of the strategic planning process for the organization. This was evident where community members, clients and patients are encouraged to participate on Board committees and participate in meetings of paramount importance, some of which have been hosted within remote communities.

SLMHC’s continuing efforts to ensure there will always be great people working within and supporting the organization was highlighted as being done well. It was noted that accommodating pathways for ongoing opportunities for staff to learn and thrive in their fields and promoting from within the organization is an effective personnel recruitment and retention strategy. This is indicative of one of SLMHC’s Strategic Goals which is the commitment to Investing in People.

An excerpt from Accreditation Report states, “Patient and staff safety is a priority throughout SLMHC with a special focus on cultural safety and inclusion. A traditional sweat lodge is in the process of being constructed on the SLMHC campus to compliment a Healing Room … and a Sacred Space for others. Patients and their families reported feeling very satisfied with their respective experiences and in instances where issues arise, expressed that complaints were resolved in a respectful and timely manner.”

It goes on to state, “Efforts are made to include clients, patients, their families and community members in all facets of SLMHC by participation on preceptorship / locum and resident opportunities. SLMHC is a ‘hospital without walls,’ in a sense, given their ongoing and sustained efforts to ensure that patients and clients are well supported on their respective wellness journeys after being discharged from care.”

SLMHC President and CEO Heather Lee remarked, “I am extremely proud of our entire SLMHC team who plan and provide high-quality care and service on a daily basis.  The result of the Accreditation Survey is a reflection of their dedication and commitment to serving the needs of our patients and has provided the organization with feedback that serves our vision to ensure Excellence Every Time. We feel the report accurately describes our strengths across the organization and supports areas we have identified for continuous quality improvement.”