SLMHC Scores Well in CBC’s “Rate My Hospital”

CBC’s hospital rankings are getting a lot of attention from patients and hospitals. CBC reported SLMHC received a “B” rating, the highest rating of hospitals in Northwestern Ontario.

SLMHC strives to be a centre of excellence. We face unique challenges serving patients in a geographic area roughly the size of Germany. Our patients have complex health needs and limited access to care in the community compared with the rest of the province.

The rankings didn’t take into account some areas in which we perform quite well:

  • ER wait times at SLMHC are very low, so low they aren’t reported. The average stay in the emergency room for patients who are admitted to hospital is 5.6 hours, compared to the provincial average of 34.8 hours.
  • We’ve worked hard to offer more services at SLMHC so people don’t have to travel (or travel as far) for health care. Recent additions include CT, medical withdrawal management, outpatient rehabilitation and expanded chronic disease management services.
  • Our miichiim kitchen offers a traditional menu.
  • Our mother-baby dyad keeps mothers and babies close, promoting breastfeeding and early bonding.
  • Cross-cultural care is a priority at SLMHC. Staff are trained in cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural awareness. Interpreters spend time with patients to ensure they understand the care plan and concerns are brought forward.

CBCs ratings are based on data from multiple sources.  These include a survey hospitals were asked to participate in as well as patient reviews. To read more about how SLMHC fared and about the rankings go to:

To learn more about SLMHC’s planned improvements and priorities please visit: