Patient Safety Continues to be a Priority at SLMHC

Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre (SLMHC) launched electronic incident reporting on January 7, 2013.

To improve safety, we need to know what works well and what isn’t working so well. People make mistakes. But we know that, often, error-likely situations can be predicted and prevented. Reporting events and conditions that caused, or could cause, harm is the first step. It helps us see where we need to make changes.

SLMHC has used a paper-based system to report incidents. Paper-based reporting left us unable to identify, track and trend errors. It also meant delays in relaying information. We saw the need to switch to electronic incident reporting.

SLMHC also decided to include complaint management in the system. This will help us monitor complaints. We will also be monitoring our response time to, and closure of, complaints. We are committed to providing safe, patient-centred care and improving our customer service.

Incident reporting software, like RiskMonitor Pro, makes it easier to report, manage and change conditions that have, or could, cause harm. Incident reporting software also means we can share problems, or potential problems, more quickly and make the necessary changes.

The move to electronic incident reporting and management will to improve patient safety at SLMHC.

Stay tuned for reports on our website.