CT Scanner Project: A Vision and Journey Fulfilled

Major donors and key fundraisers gathered November 3rd to celebrate the completion of the CT Scanner Project at the Meno Ya Win Health Centre.

The CT Scanner Project was inspired by the late Grace Teskey. Grace spoke with Tom Kamenawatamin, President & CEO of Wasaya Group Inc. and Stanley Sainnawap, First Nations Relations about her vision of having a CT Scanner based in Sioux Lookout. She believed the availability of a CT Scanner locally would help to save lives in the north. Wasaya Group Inc., Wasaya Airways, Wasaya Wee Chee Way Win and the Chiefs of the Wasaya Communities agreed and on April 3, 2007 pledged a combined total of $505,000 to kick start the fundraising effort.

Since that time Wasaya Group Inc. has been championing the CT Scanner Project, sharing Grace’s vision and carrying her message to all communities, companies, organizations and individuals in Sioux Lookout, the surrounding communities and northern First Nations served by the Meno Ya Win Health Centre.

The campaign has been a grand success with all communities served by the Meno Ya Win Health Centre contributing to the CT Scanner Project, either through individual donations or community pledges. Foundations and organizations throughout the province have generously supported the project as well. To date more than $1.79 million has been raised, $235,000 of which was raised during Riley Barkman & Friends – “Helping to Make a Vision a Reality” Walkathon from Sachigo Lake First Nation to Sioux Lookout.

Never have we seen so many come together in support of a common goal. We have all been moved by the journey to bring CT services to Sioux Lookout and to improve healthcare in the north; moved to act, to participate, and to contribute to something greater than ourselves. Most recently, Sandy Lake First Nation committed $100,000 to the CT Scanner campaign in large part to honour five community members who fasted in 1988 to advocate for better health care in our communities.

“We are Forever Grateful”

Marnie Hoey, Foundation President commented, “We are forever grateful for Grace Teskey’s vision, for Tom and Stan and the Wasaya companies and communities for carrying Grace’s message, for all individuals, businesses, organizations and communities who made kind and generous donations to the CT Scanner Project, and for Riley Barkman & Friends for completing the journey and helping to make the vision of a CT Scanner in Sioux Lookout a reality.”

The CT Scanner at SLMHC will be used to enhance emergency services, assist in the early detection and treatment of various patient pathologies, and enhance the centre’s active surgical program.

CT Services at the centre began in late November and will be expanded in 2012.

The provision of CT services at Meno Ya Win will significantly improve access to care for our service population, improve diagnosis, treatment and health outcomes for our patients, and ultimately save lives in the north.

Thank you to everyone who has given generously to bring CT Services to Sioux Lookout!